Our Industry is undergoing a Digital Revolution. It faces many problems that urgently need brilliant minds to solve them. Smart Cities, BIM, IoT, Energy and Urban Living will collide in an intense weekend event bringing innovators ideas, data sets, challenges and prototypes in front of new faces who can expand, bend and manipulate the ideas.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2013 the AEC Hackathon has taken the Architechture, Engineering and Construction by storm with over 7 fantastic events across the US. Now Innovate UK, the Future Cities Catapult and a host of sponsors are helping to bring this event to the UK - the home of BIM!

We have multiple challenges for the teams and a host of experts and leaders in the seminar sessions. Learn about UK Innovation Funding, HyperCAT, BIM, 3D Vis, Smart Cities and much, much more.


The Challenges

Pick one or combine many!

Hack Challenges & Categories:

We know people will be coming with their own projects to work on or pitch during the lightning rounds. For others, we have some great award categories that offer a wide range of possibilities for your innovative creations!

AUTODESK Hack Challenge – 3D and VR 
Write the best app using 3D or VR to win Samsung smart watches!

NBS BIM Toolkit Challenge  - RIBA Enterprises

Best solutions wins iPod nano plus more!

The aim of the BIM Toolkit is that it is an interoperable platform where information can be exported to other third party applications. It is possible to export all of the information from the BIM Toolkit in to a JSON file.

Your challenge is to hack the data and present it in a new application that is potentially useful to the construction industry.

Ideas include:

  • Importing tasks from a digital plan of work in to a Gantt chart to help project managers with their programming
  • Importing deliverables from a stage of a digital plan of work in to a cost plan to help with tendering and cost tracking
  • Importing the deliverables in to a contract management tool to help with monitoring site delivery, construction progress and/or making good any defects

Technology considerations:

  • Working with APIs from existing software packages (MS Project/Access/Excel)
  • Writing a custom application for web, desktop or mobile.

Innovate UK Hack Challenge #1 – Mind the Gap
The £8m Building Performance Evaluation is a data rich project to investigate the “Performance Gap” – a major issue in the Built Environment. Your challenge is to hack the data to find the lessons contained in it.
We are interested in energy usage, health and productivity, issues with thermal bridging, u values, air tightness, metering and heating/cooling. The hacks could include visualisations, apps, tools etc.
The data is contained in two databases: www.getembed.com and www.carbonbuzz.org

You need to register on embed and use the API on Github to access the data: https://github.com/MastodonC/AMON
Full assistance will be given on the day from the Innovate UK teams.
Cash Prize

Innovate UK Hack Challenge #2 – Hack the Forums
There are several online forums where people post their questions about home energy use and other people post their advice. The digital asset of intelligence hosted on these websites is huge and goes largely untapped. The challenge is to create a way to exploit this asset.

Example forums:





Possible hacks:
Meta search function
Automate the compilation of a ‘how to’ guide on frequently raised subjects
Identify for Innovate UK the topics that do not get answered or that are hardest to answer
Full assistance will be given on the day from the Innovate UK teams.
Cash prize

Future Cities Catapult Challenge #1: – Building Resource Usage
Buildings cost money to maintain and operate. They require resources such as water, gas and electricity. Yet when renting or buying a building very little of this information is known or available. Given the datasets provided and the buildings surveyed what information and services could be provided to building users to allow them to make more informed choices about the buildings they choose to rent or buy?

Cash prize

Future Cities Catapult Challenge #1: – Object Tagging and Maintenance in Buildings
For building managers and maintenance teams, locating and knowing the history of maintenance about a part of a building may save time and money. For example, a pipe may have information about the manufacturer, date of installation and it’s history. How might you associate information about an object in a building and provide a suitable service to building users?

Cash prize


Tech Developers, Coders, UI/UX SME's and StartUps, Built Environment Professionals, Architects, Engineers, Constructors, Smart Home, Smart Cities, IoT, Sensors and Data professionals all welcome.

This is a ticketed event and previous events have sold out, please buy early to avoid disapointment.

The AUTODESK Pre-hack event is by registration only, see details above.

Over 18's only (unless prior permission given)

Hackathon Sponsors


£1,200 in prizes

Autodesk Best apps using 3D or VR prize tbc

Samsung Smart Watches on offer from Autodesk

The NBS BIM Toolkit - Best use of BIM Toolkit prize tbc

Apple iPod Nano on offer to the winning team
Fidn out more about the toolkit:

Innovate UK and Catapult Challenge CASH Prize - £tbc - see website for details (5)

Innovate UK and the Future Cities Catapult will be offering cash prizes for the winners of their challenges. Full details will be annouced at the Hackathon.

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Simon Hart

Simon Hart
Innovate UK

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Creation of new knowledge

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